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Meet The Cornerstone Team

Jeannine Ramey

Jeannine brings over 30 years of experience in the Healthcare IT and Project Management field. Along with managing teams, projects, and large programs, she has driven and created critical program process and procedure documents that streamlined projects and team efficiency. She has worked for large healthcare systems like Erlanger Health System and Methodist Health Systems in Tennessee and Healthcare IT companies like McKesson and GE Healthcare. She has also done extensive regulatory work that affects the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industry. She holds degrees in Project Management, Healthcare Sciences, and a Masters in Executive Leadership. At home, she enjoys bicycle rides, painting, and spending time with her four grandsons.

Aaron Williamson

Aaron has extensive management consulting experience to provide strategic guidance and manage the execution of client engagements. He began his career as an electrical engineer, quickly rising to a leadership role at GE. He then transitioned to running a major project management division at Halliburton, spearheading new product introductions, global process improvement initiatives, and speaking at global conferences to drive global technological innovation. He is also an avid musician, football fan, and father of two.

MerrieLee Wooten

With 25 years of experience in IT healthcare and project management, Merrie Lee is a leader in implementing both clinical and technical systems for hospitals, large healthcare systems and healthcare IT companies. Result-oriented, tenacious, with a global vision as well as attention to detail, she provides delivery of positive outcomes in challenging circumstances and constantly seeks to improve processes through discovery and education. In her leisure time, she enjoys cooking, gardening, and hiking with her two dogs.

Gelene Lorentzen

Gelene brings a combination of over 30 years of experience in the Nursing, Healthcare IT, Product Management and Project Management field. With a unique set of skills, she is using her experience in nursing to help bridge gaps in Healthcare IT and  managing teams and projects.  She uses a creative approach to drive successful implementations and keeps the goal of the organization in focus.  She has worked for large healthcare systems like Washington University School of Medicine, Cerner, McKesson, Oracle, and Colorado Health Information Organization.  She holds a degree in Nursing and a certificate in Pragmatic Marketing and Customer Service.  At home, she enjoys long walks with her dog, scuba diving, hiking mountains, and riding bicycles.  

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