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Stakeholdr: The project management blog

Welcome to Cornerstone Project Management's newest feature, Stakeholdr. This is a place to interact on topical subjects such as leadership, economics, strategy, and more.

Who are we?

Cornerstone Project Management, LLC is a woman-owned small business headquartered in Tampa, FL. We specialize in hard-to-find talent and packaging full scope IT solutions for our customers. For example, our development partners include an AWS premier vendor, an Azure expert MSP, and several automation, ERP, and SaaS providers. We have clients in aerospace, analytics, healthcare, logistics, engineering, and oil & gas.

What to expect from Stakeholdr

This will be a spot for engaging blog-style posts that will also serve as a forum for discussion, links to outside content, polls, and more. We expect this space to evolve over time, but our mission to engage with like minded individuals will not change.

What's next?

A blog post, of course! Be on the lookout for our first publication and announcement on social media platforms.




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